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information for students who cannot view courses in Canvas.
Adobe is now providing temporary at-home access to the Creative Cloud for impacted students, so they can continue their work remotely from home, now that the campus is closed. There is no additional cost for you. Please follow the instructions below to gain access to the Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device. If you already have an Adobe subscription, please continue to use that login.
This article describes how to access Canvas from the Canvas Student mobile application.
Students taking certain courses can access a virtual computer from any off-campus location.
This article describes the process for resolving a "not activated" error for credit students with their Microsoft products.
Instructions for clearing browser cache for multiple browsers
If you are enrolled in at least one credit class at Johnson County Community College, you have access to Microsoft Office software – all for free for as long as you remain enrolled at JCCC.
Resources for students in need of technology related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This article describes the process of installing the Virtual Private Network (VPN) client for students so they can connect to the lab from home
Instructions for changing the default language in Canvas.
Provides steps to adjust the magnification level of web pages within various web browsers.
Provides steps to create folders on your Windows or Mac desktop.
Many instructors conduct class online in Canvas via Zoom. This article describes how to join a class meeting via Zoom using a computer or a mobile device.
RAVE is an alert system that students and employees can register to receive phone and email notifications regarding emergencies at the school.
JCCC provides every enrolled credit student with a JCCC student email account — called "Stumail". This article outlines the steps needed to set up a Stumail account on an mobile device.
Submit a form to change the preferred (display) name in JCCC applications such as MyJCCC and Canvas.
Student ID numbers can be found in MyJCCC
Provides steps to create an email signature in Stumail.
This article provides instructions on how to access Google Drive within Stumail.
Instructions for disabling pop-up blockers in multiple browsers
Forgetting/removing a Wi-Fi network on your device is often a useful strategy when troubleshooting wireless network problems, particularly if your configuration or authentication information for the wireless network may be incorrect.
Canvas gives each course in your dashboard a random background color. This article provides instructions to change the course colors in Canvas.
This article provides the steps to determine how much space is used and how to delete files in Canvas.
This article will describe how you can search for articles in the Knowledge Base. There are three ways you can find articles in the Knowledge Base. You can browse through the category view and see all articles listed in that particular category,search by hashtags,or you can also search with phrases.
Information on the Client Portal and what it contains.