Recently Modified Articles

Installation of Respondus browser used in some Canvas quizzes.
Instructions to connect to the JCCC Secure Wi-Fi network using your JCCC account/password for JCCC employees and credit students
This article describes how to connect to JCCC Guest wireless
Use a private browser window to browse the internet without storing data so it cannot be retrieved later. Sometimes referred to as incognito.
Instructions for setting default printer
Instructions for clearing browser cache for multiple browsers
Process to access and sign into MyJCCC.
Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, formerly known as Microsoft Imagine, is a Microsoft program that provides students with software design and development tools at no charge. Whether your goal is to build a game, design an app or launch a project, Azure Dev Tools can help you develop your ideas and boldly bring them to life.
Student ID numbers can be found in MyJCCC
Instructions for retrieving JCCC username
This article describes the process of installing the Virtual Private Network (VPN) client for students so they can connect to the lab from home
Process for employees to register their JCCC account and reset JCCC account password
This article describes the 3-step process a new student should follow to set up their account after receiving an acceptance email from the college.
This article describes how to manually configure the JCCC wireless network on a Mac operating system
This article describes how to access and download assignment submissions in Canvas.
Canvas notifications can be received weekly, daily, immediate, or no notifications for a variety of topics to stumail.
Provides steps to change the audio output device in the Windows operating system, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
This article provides training and tips for students including tutorial resources to better understand the various elements in Canvas such as grades, assignments, discussion threads and technical requirements.
Submit a form to change the preferred (display) name in JCCC applications such as MyJCCC and Canvas.
Student support for Canvas course related issues.
Purchasing a new computer for online learning? This article includes the minimum specifications to assist you with your purchase
To document the process of reserving a Mac station or use of the Epson printers in FADS 202
This article describes various troubleshooting techniques to try when a user is unable to access a specific website.
Multiple methods of sharing PowerPoint presentations publicly
Instructions for sending messages in Canvas.