LibCal Seats Reservation System for Fine Arts and Design Studio (FADS)


LibCal Seats is used to reserve a Mac station or a matte or gloss Epson print session in FADS 202. 

All Mac station sessions are limited to 3 hours a day. Epson print sessions are for a 30 minute reservation.

All stations are properly cleaned after each use. FADS 202 is considered a closed lab, available for use by FADS program students only.

FADS 202 Lab hours can be found here


  1. Navigate to LibCal Seats for a Mac station or Epson print session.
  2. Select Go To Date to select the date for your reservation.
  3. Navigate the available hours with the gray bar below the hourly time slots.
  4. Select any Available space for your reservation. 
    • Once you have selected an Available time, that space will automatically turn Yellow to indicate your booking. 
    • In addition, Red spaces will appear to reserve time for proper cleaning after use.
  5. If you need more than the default 30 minutes for your reservation, select the drop down below that shows time and date.
    • ​​​​​​​Select from the list when you would like your reservation to end.
    • Note: the reservation maximum is 3 hours.
  6. Select Submit Times once all reservations have been requested.
  7. Review requested reservations and select Continue.
  8. Add Full Name and Email, if not previously completed. 
  9. Select Submit my Booking.

Note: Once booking has been confirmed, you will receive an email from LibApps.


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