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How To's and FAQs for students using JCCC technologies.

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Articles related to Canvas and related integrated applications such as Respondus and Yuja

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Pinned Article Minimum Computer Specification Recommendations for Online Learning

Purchasing a new computer for online learning? This article includes the minimum specifications to assist you with your purchase

Pinned Article Resources for Students with Technology Needs

Resources for students in need of technology related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Access Google Drive Desktop Publishing (DTP) Folders

Student access to the Google Drive Desktop Publishing (DTP) Folders

Access Google Drive in Stumail

This article provides instructions on how to access Google Drive within Stumail.

Access JCCC Microsoft Office When Logged In With a Non-JCCC Account

How to log in to JCCC Microsoft when logged in with another school's account.

Access MyJCCC

Process to access and sign into MyJCCC.

Access Stumail Account

Instructions to sign into Stumail account

Activate Microsoft Office Products on Mac iOS

Instructions to activate MSOffice products on a Mac.

Adobe Creative Cloud - Student Access

Adobe is now providing temporary at-home access to the Creative Cloud for impacted students, so they can continue their work remotely from home, now that the campus is closed. There is no additional cost for you. Please follow the instructions below to gain access to the Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device. If you already have an Adobe subscription, please continue to use that login.

Browser - Clear Browser Cache

Instructions for clearing browser cache for multiple browsers

Browser - Disable Pop-Up Blockers

Instructions for disabling pop-up blockers in multiple browsers

Browser - Open a Private Browser Window

Use a private browser window to browse the internet without storing data so it cannot be retrieved later. Sometimes referred to as incognito.

Change Default Applications Using Windows 10

This article describes the process of changing the default applications in Windows 10. Default applications include Email, Maps, Music player, Photo viewer, Video player and Web browser.

Computer Access for Students from Off-Campus

Students taking certain courses can access a virtual computer from any off-campus location.

Document Storage Using Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive

Instructions for storing documents in Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive for credit students

Find Your Student ID Number in MyJCCC

Student ID numbers can be found in MyJCCC

LibCal Seats Reservation System for Fine Arts and Design Studio (FADS)

To document the process of reserving a Mac station or use of the Epson printers in FADS 202

Microsoft Azure - Registration and Student Credit Redemption

This article describes the process to redeem the free Azure credit through Microsoft for qualifying students.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, formerly known as Microsoft Imagine, is a Microsoft program that provides students with software design and development tools at no charge. Whether your goal is to build a game, design an app or launch a project, Azure Dev Tools can help you develop your ideas and boldly bring them to life.

Microsoft Office Not Activated

This article describes the process for resolving a "not activated" error for credit students with their Microsoft products.

Microsoft Word: Tips and Tricks

This article contains links to common tips and tricks that can be helpful when using Microsoft Word.

Off-Campus / Remote Connection to a Lab Computer from a Windows or Mac device for Credit Students

How to install and connect to Key Server from a Windows or Mac computer - Allows credit students to remotely connect to a JCCC computer lab system and software.

Office 365 Student Advantage Access

If you are enrolled in at least one credit class at Johnson County Community College, you have access to Microsoft Office software – all for free for as long as you remain enrolled at JCCC.

Papercut for JCCC Visitors and Non-Credit Students

Papercut printing for students/visitors

Request Change for Preferred Name

Submit a form to change the preferred (display) name in JCCC applications such as MyJCCC and Canvas.

Retrieve JCCC Username

Instructions for retrieving JCCC username

Set Audio Output Device in Windows

Provides steps to change the audio output device in the Windows operating system, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Set Default Printer in Windows

Instructions for setting default printer

Sharing PowerPoint Presentations Publicly

Multiple methods of sharing PowerPoint presentations publicly

Student VPN - Access Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for Students from Home Using Windows or Mac

This article describes the process of installing the Virtual Private Network (VPN) client for students so they can connect to the lab from home

Unable to Access Websites General Troubleshooting

This article describes various troubleshooting techniques to try when a user is unable to access a specific website.

Use FileZilla to Access Student Server

FileZilla for access to student server

Wi-Fi - Connect to JCCC Secure Network-JCCC Employees and Credit Students

Instructions to connect to the JCCC Secure Wi-Fi network using your JCCC account/password for JCCC employees and credit students

Wireless Printing Your Documents Using PaperCut

Instructions related to wireless printing to printers in the Library and Open JCCC Computer labs