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Using This Client Portal (TeamDynamix)

How-to articles related to navigation of this TeamDynamix Client Portal such as checking your ticket status, using the service catalog, using the knowledge base.

Student Technologies

How To's and FAQs for students using JCCC technologies.

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Pinned Article New Student - JCCC Account Setup Process

This article describes the 3-step process a new student should follow to set up their account after receiving an acceptance email from the college.

Pinned Article Register and Reset Password for JCCC Employee Accounts

Process for employees to register their JCCC account and reset JCCC account password.

(ALL-WEEK) JCCC Professional Learning Days Week

This is the ticket for the Professional learning week for each credit semester.

Continuing Education Registration and Course Information

The Continuing Education login page allows course searches, catalog requests, view conferences, register for a class and more.

Manually Set up JCCC Wi-Fi for Mac

This article describes how to manually configure the JCCC wireless network on a Mac operating system

Manually Set up JCCC Wi-Fi for Windows

This article describes how to manually configure the JCCC Wireless network on the Windows operating system

Multi-factor Authentication - End User Support

This article contains information on user's can update, troubleshoot, or install their multiple factor authentication methods via application install, phone, or email. It also describes how to use methods other than the application install.

Wi-Fi - Connect to JCCC Secure Network-JCCC Employees and Credit Students

Instructions to connect to the JCCC Secure Wi-Fi network using your JCCC account/password for JCCC employees and credit students