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Instructions to sign into Stumail account.
information for students who cannot view courses in Canvas.
Student access to the Google Drive Desktop Publishing (DTP) Folders
This article describes how you would locate your JCCC student ID number in your MyJCCC page.
Resetting passwords for authorized users.
In order for a student to view the results of their TurnItIn submission through Canvas the user must follow these steps.
Instructions related to wireless printing to printers in the JCCC Library and Open Computer labs. This can be done from student personal machines such as laptops.
Installation of Respondus browser used in certain Canvas quizzes and tests.
This article describes how to access Canvas from the Canvas Student mobile application.
Instructions for changing the default language in Canvas.
FileZilla for access to student server in certain degree fields.
How to log in to JCCC Microsoft when logged in with another email account.
This article provides instructions on how to access Google Drive within Stumail.
This article describes the 3-step process a new student should follow to set up their account after receiving an acceptance email from the college.
This article describes how credit students can access Canvas.