Use FileZilla to Access Student Server


FileZilla is an application that allows file transfer protocol (FTP) traffic to occur between the student server,, and students at JCCC, generally in the Web Development & Digital Media credit programs. The following article details how to access the student server, ensuring that the student's account is active and has permission to upload files to the server.

NOTE: Students must be enrolled in one of the following WEB courses to have access:

 'HTML and CSS',
 'Web Scripting: JavaScript I',
 'Web Scripting: JavaScript II',
 'HTML and CSS II',
 'CSS Techniques & Projects',
 'Web Dev and Digital Capstone',
 'Interactive Scripting: JQuery',
 'Search Engine Optimization'



Ensure you are connected to VPN.

Using FileZilla to access the student server:

  1. Ensure FileZilla is installed on the computer. If it is not already on the machine, you can download FileZilla Client from
  2. Open FileZilla.
  3. Select File > Site Manager.
  4. Select the New Site button, and change the name to JCCC Student Server.
  5. Enter as the host.
  6. Select Require explicit FTP over TLS in the encryption box.
  7. Select Interactive as the Logon Type.
  8. Remove any text from the User field.
  9. Select the connect button.
    • You will see a message regarding the security certificate of the server. Select the OK button.
  10. You will be prompted for a username. Enter your current MyJCCC username and press OK.
    • If you are an employee of the college, instead enter jccc-student\[username] in the username field.
  11. You will now be prompted for a password. Enter your current My JCCC password and press OK.
    • If your credentials are deemed valid, you will now have access to your student server space.

To disconnect, select Server > Disconnect. Alternatively, the keyboard shortcut CTRL + D accomplishes the same task.

Note: Students only have access to their FileZilla directory through the FileZilla Client.


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