Manually Set up JCCC Wi-Fi for Mac


Some Mac configurations do not automatically connect to the wireless network with just the username and password and require additional configuration.

This article describes the process for setting up a manual wireless connection for Mac computers.



  1. Select the Apple menu button on the top left of the screen.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Select Network located under the Internet & Wireless section.
  4. Select Wi-Fi.
  5. Select Advanced.
  6. Under the Wi-Fi section, select the plus (+) icon.
  7. In the Network Name field, enter "JCCC."
  8. In the Security field, select "WPA2 Enterprise."
  9. In the Mode field, select "Automatic."
  10. In the Username field, enter your full JCCC email.
  11. In the Password field, enter your JCCC password.
  12. Select OK.
  13. Select OK again.
  14. If it asks to verify server certificate, select Continue.


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Tue 4/6/21 12:03 PM
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