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Instructions to connect to the JCCC Secure Wi-Fi network using your JCCC account/password for JCCC employees and credit students
This article describes how to connect to JCCC Guest wireless
Process to access and sign into MyJCCC.
Instructions for retrieving JCCC username
Instructions for disabling pop-up blockers in multiple browsers
How to search for services provided within the Service Catalog.
The self-help Knowledge Base is full of helpful articles with content driven by you, the JCCC Community! The Knowledge Base houses numerous articles written by ITS to help with accounts, technology, and systems.
Information on the Client Portal and what it contains.
How to check the status of submitted requests.
This article describes the process of turning off text predictions in Office 365 and Outlook. Text prediction happens when a user enters the first few letters of a word, and the program tries to predict the word that the user is trying to type.