Wi-Fi - Connect to JCCC Guest Wireless


This article describes how to request and connect to the JCCC Guest Wi-Fi network.



  1. From a wireless device, go to your Settings or click the Wi-Fi icon to find available networks.
  2. Select the JCCC-Guest network.
  3. Select “Create a self-service guest account” (under the Sign On button).
  4. Enter an email address (*required fields).
  5. Select Register.
  6. Select Sign On.

Note: Select Email Me to have the username and password sent to the email that was provided.

This guest user access is valid for the current business day. If you log off and need to log on again, you may need to re-enter the login information emailed to you earlier. If you need multiple-day access to Guest Wireless, you will need to request an ID/password each day. 




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