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The Knowledge Base contains several informational and self-help articles including how-to's and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to assist with your technology questions.


Searching for Articles

The Knowledge Base allows you to search for articles by phrases, tags, and through a category view. Visit Search for Articles in the Knowledge Base for more information on this topic. 

Leaving Feedback

Help us help you. If an article was helpful simply select Yes. If the article was not helpful select No. A text box will appear for you to leave comments. When leaving feedback or suggestions for improvement, please be as specific as possible. For example, if a specific step was hard to follow, be sure to mention the step number. If you didn't find what you were searching for, let us know that too. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

Related Articles

When viewing an article, keep an eye out for the Related Articles section on the right. Related articles have similar topics or content to the one being viewed. You can view a related article by clicking the appropriate link.

Sharing Articles

When you click the Share button on an article it allows you to send an email to someone containing the article's URL. Please remember that some articles require the user to log in.


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Thu 6/18/20 8:44 AM
Thu 7/13/23 3:04 PM

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This article will describe how you can search for articles in the Knowledge Base. There are three ways you can find articles in the Knowledge Base. You can browse through the category view and see all articles listed in that particular category,search by hashtags,or you can also search with phrases.