Microsoft Azure - Registration and Student Credit Redemption


Microsoft provides a free credit for Azure services for qualifying students. Currently, this type of credit is used by all Information Technology (IT) classes and Computer Information Services (CIS) Advanced Programming classes.

The following article describes the process of receiving and redeeming the credit through Microsoft Azure. 



Receiving the Azure Credit

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Azure.
  2. Select Start Free on the screen.
  3. If user is both a Student and Employee, make sure the full stumail address and password is used.
  4. Complete verification by phone.
  5. Fill out Your Profile.
  6. Check the box to agree to Subscription and Privacy statement.
  7. Select Sign Up.
  8. You will get a Setting up your account box.
  9. User will be redirected to the Azure Education Hub.
  10. You will get an email from Microsoft Azure titled, Welcome to your Azure for Students account.





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