Articles related to accessing MyJCCC, finding your usermane and student ID number.

Articles (8)

Access MyJCCC

Process to access and sign into MyJCCC.

Authorized User Account Password Reset

Resetting passwords for authorized users.

Enroll in a College Now Class

Enrolling in a College Now class.

Find Your Student ID Number in MyJCCC

This article describes how you would locate your JCCC student ID number in your MyJCCC page.

MyFinances Requiring Login Credentials

This article describes the steps to take if MyFinances is requiring a login after successfully signing into your MyJCCC.

Recover Account from Third-Party Websites

How to recover your account information from third-party companies such as Dynamic Forms, McGraw-Hill, and other external sites.

Request Change for Preferred Name

Submit a form to change the preferred (display) name in JCCC applications such as MyJCCC and Canvas.

Retrieve JCCC Username

Instructions for retrieving JCCC username