Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for Students from Home Using Windows or Mac


This article describes the process to set up the Virtual Private Network (VPN) for JCCC students. VPN allows students to connect to JCCC resources from off campus.


  • JCCC students currently enrolled in a CIS/IT program requiring this access

NOTE: All JCCC students currently have access to student VPN. However, access starts on the first day of the semester and ends on the last day of the semester.



Windows Operating System:

  1. On your home computer, open a web browser (Internet Explorer is recommended) and navigate to the VPN site.
  2. Ensure the group is set to 1-Student and type your username and password, select Login.
  3. Select Continue on the warning prompt.
  4. Select Download for Windows.
  5. A notification should pop up asking if you want to run or save the downloaded file, select Run.
  6. Complete the steps listed in the installer.
  7. Launch the client by going to Start>All Programs>Cisco.
  8. Select 1-Student as the group.
  9. Enter your JCCC username in the username box.
  10. Enter your JCCC password in the password box.
  11. Select Accept to the JCCC usage guidelines. 

Mac OSX:

  1. On your home computer, open a browser and navigate to the VPN site.
  2. Ensure the group is set to 1-Student and enter your username and password, select Login.
  3. Select Continueon the warning prompt.
  4. If prompted, choose if you would like to save your password or not.
  5. Select Download for Mac.
  6. Locate the installer in your download list and run it.
  7. Select Continue.
  8. Select Continue.
  9. Select Agree.
  10. Select Install.
  11. If prompted, type the password for your admin account on your local Mac machine
  12. Select Install Software.
  13. Select Close.
  14. Select Finder.
  15. Select Applications, Cisco, Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.
    • You can select OK on any popups that say the client is not optimized for Mac.
  16. In the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client text box, type
  17. Enter your username and password.
  18. Select Accept.



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