Forget JCCC Wi-Fi Connection on Mobile Device


Forgetting/removing a wireless network on your device is often a useful strategy when troubleshooting wireless network problems, particularly if your configuration or authentication information for the wireless network may be incorrect.This article describes how to remove the JCCC wireless connection from the list of connections on an iOS or Android mobile device. 



iOS Device:

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Select Wi-Fi.
  3. In the list of connections select the "i" in the blue circle next to JCCC.
  4. Select Forget This Network.
  5. Select Forget.

Android Device: 

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Select Connections or Network & Internet depending on your phone.
  3. Select Wi-Fi.
  4. Select the gear icon next to JCCC.
  5. Select Forget.


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